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"I could go on all day about what's on this disc, the rainbow of feelings, the harnessed electricity of a great performer in his prime and caught for posterity on a special night's performance and the lasting impact it will have on the listener. But all the analysis or third party opinions will never quite do it justice. Ed Ryan is a treasure, one of the very best singer/songwriters out of the fertile crescent of Long Island. He's paid his dues to be this good. For the mere price of this disc, you get the priceless entertainment of those dues."                                                                  --John Blenn

G.M. Dix Hills Performing Arts Center

Publisher Of L.I.E. (former Good Times/Newsday/Island Ear/GM of Westbury Music Fair)

It's All in the Moose's Head

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"It's All in the Moose's Head" (Released December 2007) is a 15-track live album of Ed Ryan originals.  

This disc contains highlights from a live performance given by Ed Ryan on March 26th, 2007. The show was a celebration/retrospect of Ed's past 25 years as an entertainer, and the crowd was treated to over 3 non-stop hours of storytelling and songs by this one-of-a-kind artist. Presented warts and all, this collection offers a variety of songs from all aspects of Ed's career plus the stories behind them (see booklet), allowing you to feel a part of what turned out to be an intimate and revealing evening.

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Audio Clips (There may be a few seconds delay before each clip opens.)

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